When Should REALTORs®
Invest in Training and Coaching?

Now! Regardless of market conditions agents will balk at time spent away from selling. When times are good, we want our piece of the action and when markets are cool, many assume the mantle of victim and blame a lack of performance on the economy, a run of bad luck and unfavorable market trends. Stop getting in the way of your own success! Move your sales to the next level. Click on the Contact Us button and arrange for a free sample coaching session - NOW.

Coaching supplements training and builds on existing skills. When you work with a Coach, you don’t have to travel, sit in a classroom, or set aside large blocks of time. You set the agenda and address the things that are most important to you

Agents who work with a Coach learn to get outside their comfort zones, look at selling from a more productive point of view, and overcome obstacles that get in their way. They keep a positive focus, try new things, and go beyond old horizons. Quite literally, they soar! Coaching is practical, cost effective, and a productive way to address specific needs and objectives in real time. Coaching and training clearly pay!

What clients say:

"Christine Nitz is number one. She helped me move aside self-imposed obstacles and gave me the clarity to see my own self-worth.” —Chuck Capan, REALTOR®

“Not a single session goes by that I don't take 2-3 nuggets back to my business.” —Sam Jones, REALTOR®

“Christine helped me with goal setting, prospecting and building my business. Coaching also helped me keep my perspective through the tough experiences.” —Ellie Wildermuth, REALTOR®