Coaching and Training:
Providing A Mutual Exchange of Value
You want to boost productivity and we want to create success stories!

Highly successful sales people understand that selling is all about working with someone to solve a problem, resolve an issue, or to fill a want or need. It’s mutually beneficial – a win-win situation. Our sales programs leave the hard-sell techniques to others. Instead, we focus on the values driven principles we believe to be the very foundation of successful sales.

“But I’m already successful” you say? How much more successful could you be if your approach to sales was in sync with your personal core values and view of selling?
Our clients take sales to record heights by doing just that – selling in a manner consistent with their values. They

  • build relationships based on mutual respect
  • sell from a foundation of honesty and trust
  • convert more prospects to clients
  • close more sales
  • get more referral business
  • strike a critical balance between their personal and professional goals
  • push past fears that hold them back while making calls and prospecting

Are you a Sales Manager?  Advanced Leadership: Coaching Your Staff to Optimum Performance is a program that can help you build a more effective sales team. When you add coaching to training, you have a winning combination that gets results. Go to our Executive Coaching page to see the results of our year-long coaching and training study.

What our clients say:
“Even after 30 years of sales, marketing and management experience, the executive coaching from Christine Nitz was extremely beneficial. It helped me better understand myself, how best to influence my sales force and to communicate more effectively with people having different personalities.”
— Richard Hinds, Product Manager, Packaging Technologies Corp.