Work with a Coach to Create Focus,
Energy and Involvement!

“I work with educators, youth professionals, and volunteers who strive to provide young people with important life-lessons and a leadership examples worth following. My clients include people who struggle to create an empowered environment where accountability and responsibility are stressed and creativity and risk are balanced with values; rules and procedures. As a coach I help these leaders strike that delicate balance, manage their own frustrations, explore possibilities and limit burnout by reducing stress.” —Christine Nitz, PCC, CPCC, Executive Coach

Benefits to Educators and Adult Leaders:

  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Effective Communications
  • Less Micro-managing
  • Greater Youth Involvement
  • More Fun and Creativity
  • See More Possibilities
  • Less Adult Burnout

“VisionCrest leadership coaching helped me truly promote the boy-led troop by regularly reminding me to look at Scouting from the boys’ perspective. This let the adults be more like coaches, providing leadership skills to the boys, then letting them loose in “the game” of Scouting. We'd close the loop by helping them learn from their mistakes and celebrate their successes.” —Bill Johnson, BSA Scout Master and Boeing Crew Systems Design Engineer

“It’s made a significant impact upon me and my students."
— Dr Rosalie Politsky. Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

“Coaching lead me to discoveries about myself that I may never have tapped into on my own.
I was able to discover my greatest assets, set a plan to utilize them; and take action towards reaching my goals.”
— J. Lumsden. Graduate Student/Jr. High Basketball Coach - Chicago; IL