Building Leadership from the Top Down
Coaching and Advanced Leadership Training Built Around Executive Schedules

We were recently reminded by a Senior Executive and client: “Effective communications and sound leadership principles are not soft skills – they’re essential skills and they have a direct impact on the bottom line”.

Customer complaints, recurring problems, labor disputes, and conflicts can most often be traced to communications issues. Creative problem-solving, empowered workers and an environment of trust and cooperation all start at the top with a clearly communicated vision and a mission statement everyone knows and understands.

We help managers and executives build on strengths, overcome obstacles and create positive examples that will resonate throughout the organization. Issues we address include:

  • Principles Driven Leadership
  • Delegation without Loss of Control
  • Establishing Performance Expectations
  • Coaching Staff to Optimum Performance
  • Building Collaborative Relationships
  • Day-to-Day Communications Issues
    o Communicating Performance Expectations
    o Recognition that is On-Target
    o Providing Effective Feedback
    o Dealing with Difficult Situations
    o Handling Emotional Behaviors
    o Correcting Unwanted Behaviors

What clients say:
"Our organization was able to improve our focus on key performance indicators (product loss, quality, safety, and productivity) by improving communications to our employees. VisionCrest teaches good ways to chart the goals and communicate the expectations so your organization can meet and exceedgoals." —L. Scott, Plant Manager; MorningStar Foods

“Christine's programs are practical, beneficial, and fun. The lessons and guidelines have become part of our culture and as a result we operate more efficiently and productively. Our investment was paid back many times over in successful business practices!” —T. Masek, Director of HR; Genesis Health Systems